About Me

Zoe is the founder of The Boundless Bookworm which has been home to her usual ramblings and a penned channel to satiate her hunger for literature and anything fiction-related.  She believes that books will never be replaced by “digital copies” and neither will any advancement in digital technology fully gratify the amount of learning that one can gain by turning the pages of a worn-out book. It has been her advocacy to rekindle one’s love of reading serving both the reader and the author as they create a palpable relationship emanating from either a character-driven or a plot-based narrative.  She seeks to connect with other book lovers who have not just gone through the wonderful experiences fostered by books but to provide her personal thoughts and points of view, consequently leading to heartfelt discussions that make the entire book community grow and strive. She wishes for all these to come into play little by little, all the while exposing crevices of her fictional world to those who have taken time to visit her humble home of a blog.