Book Review: An Anonymous Girl

“An Anonymous Girl” is the second psychological thriller novel co-authored by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen after their bestseller, “The Wife Between Us”.  Through the first half of the novel, I admit to having been drawn, finding myself curious to see how the story unravels. This is the kind of psychological thriller that keeps you […]

Book Review: Ask Again, Yes

There are stories told that speak of sad, vengeful events that took place in a person’s life.  And there are stories left untold, long cast into oblivion. While some are forgotten, others serve as a reminder of one’s past.  Stories can either transform or break, and mend broken things in due time. These are the […]

Book Review: My Lovely Wife

I stumbled upon “My Lovely Wife” by Samantha Downing while searching for recommended fiction thrillers for 2019. I have read quite a few psychological thrillers in my lifetime that while some were presumably predictable, there were still those that surprised me.  This fast-paced novel sent shivers down my spine but also made me laugh and […]