Book Review: One of Us Is Lying

The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars, One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide. Pay close attention and you might solve this.


My choice of novels falls on the crime/mystery/thriller genre and rarely would I purchase YA romance novels for obvious reasons that I no longer belong to that age group.  But I chanced upon this book sitting on the bestseller nook of Fully Booked at a very reasonable price and I sure did fish out my wallet and bought it.

I have this habit of googling a book first–mostly on Goodreads to see about its rating and reviews.  It’s no surprise that this book registered an average of 4 stars and I also got word that rights to the book have been secured by NBC and will soon be a streaming series as is expected of a bestseller YA novel.

First off, I’ve fine-tuned myself to the atmosphere, One of Us Is Lying, will surely bring as I have watched teen flicks with my teenage daughter for countless times.  I braced myself for possible in-between romantic plots, betrayal, jealousy, revenge, and all the hoo-has that will most probably be present in this book. 

As the story progresses, I found myself drawn to each of the characters.  Even before I started reading the novel, I already had a hunch as to who the suspect was though, the author crafted the plot in such a way that may mislead you of your intuition.  The readers will soon find out that each of the characters had a motive to kill Simon because each has a dark secret waiting to happen. The premise, as expected, is to make sure their secrets are contained and it will be impossible not to think that one or all of them may have done the deed. But what I really loved about this book was the not-so-unexpected friendship that flourished among the four suspected students.  I almost reached the point of throwing the novel against the wall in case one of them was involved but gladly, (thanks to Karen), the ending was what I banked on. Sequentially, the Bayview Four exposed the resentful but dismal motivation behind Simon’s death.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Author: Karen McManus

Genre: Mystery & Suspense

Length: 416 pages

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN-10: 1524714682

ISBN-13: 978-1524714680

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